Quick and Easy

Costume Ideas

Here's how to dress like a flower child, a funky hippie,

a mod go-go girl or a peaceful protester.

Here are some quick and easy costume ideas:

1. Flower Child
Girls can wear a long flowing skirt topped by a tunic-style blouse. Tie the
waist with a scarf or a leather belt with lots of long fringe. Add a pair of
large, dangling earrings and several bangle bracelets. Boys and men can wear a long nehru shirt or tunic and pajama-style pants. Both genders should wear a large blooming flower in their hair. Go barefoot or wear a pair of comfortable sandals to complete the look. 

2. Funky Hippie
Hippie costumes for men and women can take a funky turn with a pair of bell-bottomed jeans and a fake fur vest. Top your long hair with a floppy, felt hat and wear rose-colored, wire-rimmed glasses. Men should wear a long wig and scruffy beard for the most authentic look. 

3. Mod Fashions of Carnaby Street
Girls can wear a tight mini skirt and a form-fitting blouse. A must for this
1960s costume are tight leggings and white go-go boots. Her hair can be short or long, and accented with a colorful headband or scarf tied on the side. Boys can wear a velvet suit with a frilly shirt and black ankle boots. (Think Austin Powers.) 
4. Peaceful Protester
This peaceful costume works for boys or girls who want an authentic hippie look. Start with a colorful tie-dyed T-shirt and a pair of classic jeans with a few patches here and there. Add several long strands of chunky beads and a peace symbol necklace for authentic flair. Next, find a pair of thick sandals to wear on your feet. Lastly, paint a home-made protest sign with a huge peace symbol and hold it up for all to see. That is a peace and love costume that everyone will notice!