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Planning parties takes creativity, stamina, patience, perseverance and lots of personality, and it could be the most fun job you ever had!

Party Planning Is a Creative Job
Are you a creative person who loves to plan parties? Think of all the different possibilities, big and small, that exist in the world of party planning. A birthday party for eight-year-olds is nothing like a formal fundraising dinner. Planning a family-friendly outdoor barbecue is nothing like designing an elegant wedding event. Planning parties for a living takes a lot of creativity, imagination and foresight.

It Takes Stamina
Special event planners often work odd hours, including evenings, weekends and long shifts. Party planners are on duty long before party-goers arrive, and they often work late into the night after the party is over. There is a lot of heavy lifting involved, as well as bending, stretching and walking. Being a successful party planner takes a lot of personal stamina, and sometimes a strong crew of helpers!

Patience Is an Important Virtue
Party planners can work with all sorts of people, from nervous brides and grooms to cranky banquet managers and event staff. Patience and diplomacy are virtues that cannot be overlooked. Organizers need to be willing to listen to the ideas of everyone involved in the event and calmly answer their concerns in a professional manner. Patience is a virtue that everyone admires in the party planning profession.

Persevere and Promote Yourself
Finding party planning jobs could take a little time at first. If you are new to the event scene, you may have to build up a reputation. As with any job where you must sell yourself and your personal expertise, perseverance pays off. Keep making phone calls, emailing clients, knocking on doors, and finding more new ways to promote your party-planning business. Take a proactive approach and continually look for new parties to plan.

Personality Is a Party-Planning Plus
The best party planners have uplifting personalities plus lots of exciting ideas. They are expected to inspire happiness, soothe rattled nerves, and take the trouble out of planning parties. A great personality is just the icing on the cake that makes party-planning jobs even more sweet.